About Us

About Eco Friendly

Eco Friendly Cleaners provides the highest-rated dry cleaning and alteration services in Santa Barbara, Goleta, and Carpinteria. We excel in eco-friendly dry cleaning, alterations, laundry, shoe repair, area rug and drapery cleaning.

Our mission is to set the standard in eco-friendly dry cleaning through a modern and sustainable approach to caring for your garments and textiles.

The most dangerous phrase in the language is “we’ve always done it this way.”

Rear Admiral Grace Hopper

Eco Friendly Cleaners opened in 2006 with the goal of providing the greater Santa Barbara community and the surrounding area with the highest quality, environmentally friendly, artisan dry cleaning services. We believe that caring for your garments shouldn’t require the use of toxic chemicals and instead should be good for you, good for your clothes and good for the earth.

Good for You, Your Clothes, and the Earth

A Sincere Commitment

We have a sincere commitment to revitalizing your garments and returning them to you in like-new condition.  We are committed to retaining the shape, vibrancy of color and feel of your garments. Our ultimate objective is for our customers to feel the same sense of delight and satisfaction when they slip on an Eco Friendly dry cleaned garment as they did the day they first purchased it.

Clothes aren’t the only thing that we care about – we aim to have each of our clients leave overjoyed every time with the quality of customer service and garment care they have received. Our dedication to creating the ideal dry cleaning experience is total. As a family-owned and operated service, we too have those special garments with a story behind them and care for your clothes as if they were our own.

What truly distinguishes our cleaning service is our team. Our specialists are all Dry Cleaning Institute certified. We combine the finest technology, superior cleaning agents, and a talented team of staff committed to perfection to deliver a sanitized, perfectly shaped garment with brilliant whites and vivid colors.

If you are going to promise the finest, you have to invest in the finest — and that’s exactly what we did.

Learn more about our commitment with our Quality Guarantee.

At Eco Friendly Cleaners, we are committed to constantly evaluating and improving our impact on the environment.  Learn more about our efforts on our Sustainable Living page.



Our commitment is to provide prompt, reliable service for both in store and delivery. We are trustworthy because we give our word and stick to it.


Our mission is for customers to leave feeling wowed. The feedback our customers give through independent reviews highlight our commitment to this mission.

We have invested in technology to track each customer’s special needs and pay attention to the details as each garment progresses through production.

Environment and Social Responsibility

We are committed to investing in sustainable environmental practices. Continued investment in the latest environmental technology not only applies to the way we clean but is seen by reductions in energy, water, gas and packing materials, such as poly bags and wire use.


Garmentology: The Science of Garment Care

We are not mere dry cleaners, we are garmentologists. We view dry cleaning as a science: we consider the composition, chemical, and pH breakdown of every stain and treat them accordingly. There is no “one-size fits all” solution to stain removal. We have created numerous formulations of eco-friendly stain removers and we are always striving for the next innovation in garment care.

Artisan Dry Cleaning: It’s All in the Details. . .

Every item we launder or dry clean gets special treatment. All items are hand washed and finished and undergo a thorough visual inspection at every step of the process to ensure that nothing is overlooked. Our process begins with an intensive visual inspection where we carefully catalog any soils or imperfections in your garment.