Eco Bags

We want to help reduce the over 300 million pounds of plastic used by the dry cleaning industry every year that eventually end up in our landfills (based on statistics from the environmental impact calculator). To help achieve our goal, we offer our Eco Bag – it goes from your hamper, to your duffel bag, to your hanging garment bag.

The Eco Bag is:

  • An eco friendly alternative to single-use plastic dry cleaning bags
  • A handy duffel bag that can be used to transport dirty items to Eco Friendly
  • Space saving hamper

Not only have we reduced our individual use of plastic within our stores, but our customers love our Eco Bags too! Our customer survey showed overwhelming results against plastic dry cleaning bags. Some of the complaints we heard included: they were hard to remove from clothing, they filled up garbage cans, they weren’t sure how to recycle them and they were dangers for small children and pets.

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