Sustainable Living

Sustainable Living

The Eco Friendly Cleaners Sustainable Living Plan (our strategy for a sustainable business):

Reducing Negative Environmental Impact –> Improving Our Impact on Health & Well Being

With consumers’ rising awareness of environmental issues and growing levels of concern, many industries are starting to take action to better protect the environment. Unfortunately, the dry cleaning industry is chronically behind in its efforts.

At Eco Friendly Cleaners, we are committed to constantly evaluating and improving our impact on the environment. In early 2016, we set ambitious goals to break the tie between our growth and our environmental impact. We feel that being environmentally friendly isn’t just our social responsibility — it also makes business sense. By investing in new technologies and more sustainable materials, we are working to reduce the amount of resources we use (which in turn reduces our future costs). Many of the changes we make are to our own processes and behind the scenes, but to really make a difference, we need the participation of our customers. Ask us how you can help today!

Some of our improvements:

  • Reusable garment bags
  • Durable and long-lasting hangers
  • Option to receive receipts via email (rather than a printed copy)
  • Focus on digital marketing efforts to reduce our need for printed collateral
  • Reductions in use of energy, water and gas