Wash & Fold

Wash and Fold

No time to do your laundry? Find yourself tied down on the weekends to your washer and dryer instead of going to the beach on a sunny afternoon? We’ll do it for you. No load is too big or too small. Simply separate those items from your garments that need to be dry cleaned and that drudging task is done.

How Sustainable Living Translates to Your Laundry

  • Hypoallergenic
  • No chemical residue
  • Whites bright and colors vivid
  • Less Wrinkles
  • Save up to 5 hours a week
  • Save up to $7,000 a year

What’s your time worth? $20.00 per hour? $35.00? $50.00? Now calculate that by how many hours it takes you to do laundry per week. Multiply that by 52. Add the costs of water, electricity, detergents, maintenance on your washer and dryer and whatever else you use and you can see it all adds up. We know you have other ways you’d rather spend your time (and your money), so leave your laundry with us and go outside and play!